Arabs (/ˈærəbz/; Arabic: عرب, ‘arab) are a major panethnic group whose native language is Arabic, comprising the majority of the Arab world. They primarily inhabit Western Asia, North Africa, and parts of the Horn of Africa. Before the spread of Islam, Arab referred to any of the largely nomadic Semitic tribes inhabiting the northern and central Arabian Peninsula. In modern usage Arab refers to a heterogeneous collection of Arabic-speaking peoples in the Middle East and North Africa. The ties that bind Arabs are linguistic, cultural, and political, and to a lesser extent genetic, with Arabized Arabs displaying genetic admixture from the Arabian peninsula as well as indigenous elements. As such, Arab identity is based on one or more of genealogical, linguistic or cultural grounds, although with competing identities often taking a more prominent role, based on considerations including regional, national, clan, kin, sect, and tribe affiliations and relationships. Not all people who could be considered Arab identify as such. If the Arab panethnicity is regarded as a single population, then it constitutes the world's second largest group of people after the Han Chinese.

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Inside the new Arab-Israeli alliance

The Spectator 18 Apr 2024
The new Middle East – the tentative alliance between Israel and the most important Arab states – has endured despite six months of Arab audiences being saturated with pictures of Palestinian children in Gaza torn apart by bombs or, lately, emaciated from hunger. The Arab street is unhappy but it has not exploded....

Holidaymakers escape flood-hit Dubai – only to find out their luggage was left behind

Metro UK 18 Apr 2024
A family from Australia arrived to London without their luggage (Picture ... Cars navigated flooded roads in Dubai on Wednesday (Picture ... Some vehicles were trapped by flood water (Picture ... Ciaran Rusell (Picture ... A man used a canoe in Dubai after the heavy storm on Tuesday (Picture ... The Spears family returned from holidays without their luggage (Picture....

As Iran And Israel Escalate Conflict, Arab States Stick To Their Guns

Radio Free Europe 17 Apr 2024
As the world anxiously awaited the outcome of Iran's large-scale attack against Israel, some Arab countries had already taken steps to blunt its impact ... The actions by the Sunni Arab countries, all of which have tenuous relationships with both Israel and majority-Shi'a Iran, led to speculation that they may have chosen sides....

Man who set fire to mosque worshippers ordered to stay in high security hospital

Metro UK 17 Apr 2024
Mohammed Abbkr (right) was found guilty of attempted murder after he attacked 70-year-old Mohammed Rayaz (left) and another worshipper (Picture ... Four weeks later, Abbkr sprayed petrol on Mr Rayaz because he did not speak Arabic. Mohammed Rayaz was in hospital with for weeks after the attack (Picture....

What's behind Bahrain's largest prisoner amnesty in years?

The New Arab 17 Apr 2024
Also in the picture is the fact that Bahrain has been the only Arab state to officially join ‘Operation Prosperity Guardian’ and to play a non-operational role in the past three months of US-UK bombings in Yemen, which have been in response to Houthi maritime attacks targeting ......

Paranoid schizophrenic who set alight to two elderly worshippers as they walked home from mosques in...

The Daily Mail 17 Apr 2024
The criminal stalked Mr Rayaz as he left the mosque before stopping to ask his victim whether he spoke Arabic. Abbkr was found guilty of attempting to murder Hashi Odowa, 82, (pictured) and Mr Rayaz, 70, in separate attacks earlier this year. Pictured ... Abbkr is pictured in a court sketch in October....

Heavy rains hit Dubai; flights disrupted, malls, cars, roads submerged in floods

Deccan Herald 17 Apr 2024
<p>Dubai was slapped by heavy floods as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was hit by extremely heavy rains on Tuesday....

A secret de facto alliance worked wonders on a crucial night against Iran

Israel Hayom 16 Apr 2024
The language used in those hours was Arabic, and the content of the conversations was intelligence updates based on developments before, during, and after the attack ... According to foreign reports, in addition to Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates, there was also close contact with Saudi Arabia that night....

How Iran’s attack on Israel could play into Putin’s hands

Metro UK 16 Apr 2024
Vladimir Putin is taking advantage of the growing tensions in the Middle East (Picture ... Israel’s military displays what they say is an Iranian ballistic missile which they retrieved from the Dead Sea (Picture ... ‘Russia is trying to appeal to the wider Arab community, utilising the high number of civilian casualties in Gaza....

Golf ball-sized hailstones, floods hit UAE; 17 flights cancelled

The Siasat Daily 16 Apr 2024
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been experiencing unstable weather conditions, ... These weather occurrences have also included a lot of lightning strikes, pictures and videos show the breathtaking spectacle of lightning bolts shooting over the skies of the United Arab Emirates....

Social media users mock Iran drone attack as staged drama

GDN Online 15 Apr 2024
Critics of the attack posted sarcastic pictures and comments mocking the Iranian offensive. Sweden-based Union of Arab Journalists chairman and Euro Times editor-in-chief Dr Ali Al Jaberi wrote on his official account on X platform ‘one drone killed Soleimani, Al Muhandis, and a number of their aides ... ....

The Mideast Quagmire: Unveiling the True Enmity Between Iran and Israel

Watan 13 Apr 2024
Watan-In truth, we Arabs are pulled between three regional powers ... Looking at the alliance of Arab countries divided among the three regional powers gives you a clearer picture, as Mohammed Hassanein Heikal predicted in his book “The Gulf War ... The harsh truth is that there are no Arab powers in the region except those supported by Iran....

The untold story of Arab Jews — and their solidarity with Palestinians

Vox 11 Apr 2024
Jews from the Arab and Muslim world had a radical vision for Israeli-Palestinian peace ... Jews with roots in the Arab and Muslim world ... Arab nationalists in these countries pictured the whole Arab world as a single unified nation ... To achieve that, it had to strip Mizrahim of any markers of Arab identity, which challenged the picture of unity....